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136 Medals at Championships - 70 Gold Medals -> 90% Amateurs!


Real Happiness: British Team Gold Carl Hester, Laura Bechtolsheimer, Charlotte Dujardin

Mistral Horjis with Laura Bechtolsheimer
Olympic Games London 2012

Individual Medals Freestyle: Silver for Parzival, Adelinde Cornelissen (NED), Gold for Valegro, Charlotte Dujardin (GB), Bronze for Mistral Horjis, Laura Bechtolsheimer (GB)

You are visiting the only Matchmaking Agency for Topdressagehorses worldwide!

We are not like a dealer, in need to sell what is in his stable, we are operating exclusively and independent in the Top Level of the market, using our worldwide network to discover the best matching horses for our ambitious clients.  

Topdressagehorses Agency can help You as the owner, to sell a horse with outstanding dressage qualities for an attractive price to the right rider from around the world. We accept horses only from sources we can trust, to make sure, that our customers will be completely satisfied with their new horse.

Obviously, our clients are very smart, first, to select us as the appointed source for their horses, second, in managing them wisely to be so successful in Championships year after year. Our service is not ending with the sale of the matching horse, we can also provide the best trainers, veterinairs, chiropractics, etc. for the professional training and maintanance to success. Our director , Diplom-Oconom Bernhard A. Ix, has trained several riders to Gold, Silver and Bronce Medals in European Young Riders Championships, German Regional Championships and to win in International CDIs up to Grand Prix.

The goals, way of riding and special wishes of our customers are most important for us when we select a horse or a collection of horses to choose from. Bernhard A. Ix Topdressagehorses Agency is specialising to make the hidden gems Grand Prix horses for International Competitions available, that are not offered in the open market.

At the moment, we have about 200 horses for sale, ranging from Youngsters, Juniors, Young Riders, I-IV level, Prix St. George to Grand Prix, Schoolmasters and Ponies. Most of these horses have been vetted most recently.

They are by European top-level sires as Damon Hill, Krack C, Vitalis, Don Schufro, Fürstenball, Diamond Hit, Rock Forever, Totilas, Vivaldi, Jazz, Fürst Heinrich, Michelangelo, Desperados, Good Times, etc. Videos of most horses are available to get a first impression.

Please dont hesitate to make an inquiry or an appointment, we will be more than happy to assist You getting the very best horse for Your daily pleasure and „SUCCESS IN DRESSAGE“!

Get current information about our successes at our "Dressage Scene News"

Halt at X, salute at X, buy from Ix !!!

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